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We happily take our clients to new heights, offering SEO services and done-for-you social media advertising that turns heads and wins raving clientele!

What Makes Us Different

Our greatest desire is to see you succeed! Being a boutique advertising agency, we don't leave you hanging. We only take on a small number of clients so we can offer you the best service possible. If you have questions, we get back to you within 48 business hours.

Facebook™ & Instagram™ Ads

Ever felt like Facebook™ ads are simple “in theory” yet you’ve flushed thousands of dollars down the drain trying to figure them out? Or did your ads work well for awhile, then totally tank? Or have scaling your ads been a beast?

At Skye Harbour, LLC we KNOW how frustrating Facebook™ ads can feel. We take pride in delivering results to our clients and know the methods to grow effectively, without wasted ad spend.

Strategically running Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads requires a comprehensive funnel of ads in your ads manager and—when done right—will be the key to your business growth. For every $1 you invest, it’s more than possible to see that turn into $5, $10 or $25 back as profit in your pocket.

We have done-for-you ads, including creative copywriting, extensive audience research and testing, custom targeting, pixel placement, and ad optimization (plus detailed reporting each week) plus hands on support, so you never feel out of the loop.

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens when my ads are doing well and then stop converting?

From day-to-day Meta is constantly changing their algorithms. We want to be sure we catch these so we check on your ads every day of the week and if something happens, rest assured, we will be on top of it, changing and putting new ads out so your business can keep thriving.


How much money should I be putting into ad spend each month?

This depends on the business and on the people you are wanting to reach. We recommend $800 - $1500 USD in ad spend each month.

Custom Sales Funnels

Have you ever sat down to plan your funnel and can’t quite figure out the crucial sequences and strategy you need? You’re not alone my friend!

Crafting a sales funnel that converts isn’t easy, plus plain old-fashioned experience is priceless when it comes to calculating money in your pocket. The cost of your offer matters, the sales strategy and the avatar you are targeting all need to be crucial considerations in crafting the ideal funnel for your product.

We have years of experience crafting funnels that have generated millions of dollars and know the right questions to ask to cultivate a truly wonderful funnel that not only converts, but gains raving fans excited about your company.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a term used in the marketing world that describes essentially a landing page. The funnel takes your future customer on a journey through your sales process. Typically there are 6 steps in the funnel process: awareness, interest, decision, action, retention, and re-engagement. We focus on a customer first approach when it comes to building your funnel.


Do I need a funnel if I have a website?

Yes! Websites are full of distractions and different buttons to click for prospective clients to learn more about your company. Funnels have little to no distractions. Websites are made to showcase your value, house valuable content, create trust and build your brand. Funnels are built to convert, they are a great place to test your offers, they have conversion tracking, and it is quicker to get them started.

Copywriting that Converts

While people love to swoon over beautifully designed webpages...the real key to conversions? Copywriting that speaks perfectly to your ideal customer so that they cannot WAIT to work with you. Yep, I have seen "ugly funnels" more times than I can count!

The reality? Copywriting is a skill that's crafted over years of experience. We have team members who have proven conversions for their copywriting so that you don't waste time, money and effort sinking money into an advertising campaign that won't hit the mark. We are experts in helping you identify your brand story, your hook and you unique brand advantage. A huge part of this comes down to asking the right questions - something we've got years of experience in doing!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need copywriters in the new age of AI?

Have you ever read text that seemed robotic and only gave straight facts instead of engaging you? With the way AI is currently set up, that is all it does. Humans are engaging and likeminded. With all the advances of AI it is still not technically sound enough to engage the people you want to speak with. Also, Meta's™ own AI will search for and pick up on copy built with chatGPT and others and deny your advertisement, even if it has been bringing in customers.


What exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is the writing of text that engages your target audience. Copy can persuade clients to take action and it can also increase brand awareness. Great copywriting is a learned skill and will always be needed.

Search Engine Optimization

Have you noticed other companies getting loads of organic traffic but you can't seem to figure out their secret? Their secret is search engine optimization (SEO).

How does SEO work, you ask? Google uses over 200 ranking factors that allow the search engine's algorithms to crawl through websites based upon their relevancy and authority. Google wants to recommend the best product for their users. When it comes to succeeding in SEO, you need to ensure your content is the most relevant for specific queries and that your website is seen as a trustworthy source.

Frequently Asked Questions


Once I start SEO, how long does it take to see rankings?

SEO doesn't happen overnight. The first few months are dedicated to making updates to your site and waiting for the search engine spiders to crawl and index the changes. Depending on your website, the amount of work it requires, and the crawl frequency of the search engine spiders, it typically takes 3-9 months to begin seeing new rankings.


Can you get me ranked for general terms like ‘lawyer’?

General terms are highly competitive and would be extremely costly to rank for based on the time and resources it would take to achieve rankings for a term that broad. Another reason we advise against going after terms that broad is relevancy. If you are a lawyer in Michigan, traffic from California probably isn’t that relevant to your business. It is more cost effective and pragmatic to go after terms that relate to the location of your business.

What Happy Clients are Saying

"I am thrilled to give Alyson a well-deserved 5-star rating for her exceptional services. Her ability to provide constructive criticism with a positive approach is truly commendable. Alyson's attention to detail and thoroughness in clicking on all the links in my website helped uncover the broken pieces that had been overlooked. Her keen eye for spotting areas of improvement, such as excessive content, was invaluable.

I particularly appreciated Alyson's agreement with my concerns about customer confusion on my investments page. Her feedback aligned perfectly with my vision. Alyson's expertise and insightful suggestions have undoubtedly enhanced user experience.

I highly recommend Alyson to anyone seeking to work with someone who is professional and knowledgeable. Her feedback will not only help you identify and rectify issues but also inspire you to elevate your online presence. Thank you, Alyson, for your exceptional services and for being an invaluable asset in my journey!"

-Sarah C., Life in Focus Photography

"Alyson at Skye Harbour was an absolute pleasure to work with! She takes exceptional customer service to the next level! Her very detailed communication style and eye for details really impressed me. She will take the time to answer all your questions and do it in a timely manner! I highly recommend Skye Harbour and the team for all your digital marketing needs!"

-Candice T., Small Business Owner

"Alyson is kind, thorough, professional and supportive. She looked over my website with a fine tooth comb and an open heart! Her goal was for me to shine, my website be easy to use, and attract more clients. She showed me precisely where things were lacking and could be more robust and supportive toward growing my business.

Her attention to detail and expertise is impressive. I highly recommend Alyson to anyone who needs support with their website and social media advertising needs!"

-Dashka G., Dashka's Healing Hands

"Thank you so much, Alyson, for your expertise and taking the time to help me out. This means a lot, and I will definitely put all of your suggestions into practice. Your way of explaining everything is awesome and very helpful."

-Yousfa N., Privilege Web Designs

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If you like what you see and want to work with us but the times available in our calendar don't work with your schedule, please send us an e-mail and we will make sure to find a time that works for both of us.

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